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Our  feet are the structural foundation of our entire body. Correct or incorrect foot structure impacts not only our feet but our total body alignment, including our knees, lower back, and spine.

Wellrox® sandals, with our innovative padded toe separators and our contoured and cushioned footbeds, are designed to encourage the wearer help align their feet. A properly aligned foot allows the body to use its muscles without having to compensate for incorrect foot form.

Wellrox® sandals are made of the finest materials and components. Genuine leather uppers with extra padded linings for comfort; and rubber bottoms for great traction. All of these, combined with the added benefits of toe separation, are the makings of the ultimate sandal; for toe to head wellness.

GRABSTM Technology

Wellrox's GRABSTM technology offers the wearer added Grip, Relief, Alignment, Balance and Support, all of which contribute to a healthier gait. By spreading your toes you redistribute your weight more evenly and begin using applicable foot and leg muscles to walk as intended.


Unlike a conventional “flip-flop”, our unique padded toe separators keep your feet securely in sandal while walking. This helps build confidence in your stride and can improve your gait pattern.


Liberate your feet from everyday constrictive footwear by wearing Wellrox® sandals. Our sandals gently separate your toes, and along with our anatomically correct footbeds bring much needed relief and recovery to aching feet and leg muscles.


A more natural toe alignment helps contribute to a better balance and overall equilibrium. Correct toe form also contributes to correcting pronation, which may cause pain in feet, knees, back, shoulders, and the neck. Training your toes to separate increases their flexibility which can also improve your step.


Our feet are our foundation. Spreading our toes gives us a broader foundation by creating a more stable base. The importance of this is well known in Yoga. This broader foundation allows for better posture, and improved balance and coordination for walking, and all balance-focused activities.


Our contoured footbeds combined with our innovative toe separators allow for maximum support and comfort when walking, standing, or performing other activities.

About Us

Wellrox, toe separator sandals are the solution many podiatrists and health experts have been yearning for. Our patented sandals with individual toe separators offer the wearer uncompromised comfort and support with style! Wellrox initiated our new technology called GRABS to accomplish this feat. GRABS offers the wearer Grip, Relief, Alignment of the toes, Balance, and Support. Looking good and feeling great - a winning combination...

Wellrox. Where no sandal has gone before.