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Wellrox® Product Groups

The patented Wellrox® design offers anatomically correct positioning of the toes blended with a supportive footbed without sacrificing style. There are three product groups offering over 15 creative styles in a variety of colours.

The three product groups are Terra, Santa Fe and Evo. Each group is based on different footbed constructions which give options of feel and level of support to accommodate a variety of foot anatomies.

All styles are supportive with Evo having lower arch support, Terra & Sante Fe having full arch support. The Sante Fe will be firmer because of the cork along with a slimmer fit while the Terra will have a softer, cushionier feel to it.

Currently, research is being undertaken to demonstrate the ability of Wellrox® to increase grip, relief, alignment, balance, support and circulation.

Wellrox® Product Overview

Terra Group Specifications

  • Full arch support
  • Softer, cushioned feel than the Sante Fe Group
  • Rubber outsole
  • EVA* midsole
  • Moulded, simulated cork footbed
  • Layer of latex and suede insole

*EVA stands for ethylene-vinal acetate. It’s a polymer that is known as expanded rubber or foam rubber and thus has softness & flexibility.

Terra Group Styles

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