GRABS Technology

Wellrox® Toe Separator Sandals:

  • GRABS™ Technology – Wellrox®’s GRABS™ tech offers you added Grip, Relief, Alignment, Balance and Support. When spreading your toes, you’re redistributing your weight more evenly. This concept is well known throughout Yoga and wellness circles.

  •  ComfortWellrox brings you the ultimate comfort and wellness sandal that offers you support with style. Our anatomically contoured and cushioned footbeds, along with our patented padded toe separators offers you maximum comfort. Wellrox sandals are made with the finest materials, cushioned linings, cushioned foot beds and durable rubber bottoms.

  •  Relief – Wellrox’s GRABS technology and cushioned support gently separate your toes along with our anatomically correct footbeds. They bring much needed relief to your aching feet and leg muscles. You can wear them every day, or whenever you need recovery – before or after a workout or a Yoga session, or after a day of wearing constrictive shoes. You can even wear them for a pedicure.

GRABS Technology - Toe to Head™ Wellness

G – GrippingUnlike a conventional “flip-flop”, our unique padded toe separators help keep your feet securely in sandal while walking. This may help build confidence in your stride and improve your gait pattern.

R – ReliefLiberate your feet from everyday constrictive footwear by wearing Wellrox® sandals. Our sandals gently separate your toes, and along with our anatomically correct footbeds bring much needed relief to aching feet and leg muscles.

A – AlignmentA more natural toe alignment helps contribute to a better balance. Correct toe form along with our anatomically designed footbeds may contribute to correcting pronation.

B – BalanceOur feet are our foundation. Spreading our toes gives us a broader foundation by creating a more stable base. The importance of this is well known in Yoga.

S – SupportOur contoured footbeds combined with our innovative toe separators allow for maximum support and comfort when walking, standing, or performing other activities.