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Toeless Yoga Socks

When you invest in Wellrox toeless yoga socks, you will get the best of both worlds - luxurious comfort and advanced non-skid grip!


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● ADVANCED PRACTICE YOGA SOCKS: Wellrox designed these non-slip yoga socks to improve the experiences of yoga enthusiasts around the world. Targeted traction zones are a necessity when holding poses!

● IMPROVED TACTILE FEEL AND BALANCE: Tune out the background noise and intensify tactile signals within your body by switching to these innovative socks. Allow your toes to spread naturally and balance!

● HYGIENIC SOLUTION: Are you a die-hard barefoot yogi or dancer? These toeless yoga socks are a sanitary solution for when you can’t practice at home. They’re ideal for travel, new studios, and gyms.

● DESIGNED FOR ALL ACTIVITIES: Although many people use these toeless exercise socks for yoga, they are also perfect for dancing, pilates, barre, or ballet. They are cozy for relaxing at home too!

● ONE SIZE FITS MOST: Are you looking for a thoughtful gift to surprise the athlete or yogi in your life? Both men and women can enjoy these toeless unisex socks. You don’t even have to ask for their size!

Wellrox toeless yoga socks are designed to provide targeted traction zones, non-skid grip and allow you to spread your toes naturally while offering maximum comfort. Our unique socks will protect your feet at the studio or gym. The breathable fabric is comfortable and durable for all-day wear, from yoga class to walking around town. Enjoy a better tactile feel with our open-toe yoga socks!

No matter what types of classes you are taking, toeless yoga socks will help you improve your practice. Wellrox toeless yoga socks are the best exercise accessory for men and women.


1 x Pair of Wellrox Toeless Yoga Socks
95% Polyester, 5% Spandex
Total Length (Cuff to Toe): 8.3”
Machine Wash Cold and Tumble Dry Low


Wellrox is not responsible for any injury or damage claims resulting from or connected to the use of any Wellrox product. Improper use of products may cause risk or injury. It is critical to receive clearance from your physician before beginning a new exercise regimen.