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Yoga Belt

Achieve greater strength, flexibility, and mobility with Wellrox’s exclusive yoga strap! This extra-wide yoga strap offers superior grip and hold.


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● DURABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT YOGA STRAP: The Wellrox yoga strap is the ultimate accessory for reaching new poses and sustaining proper form. Holding correct posture is a breeze with this belt strap!

● WIDER THAN REGULAR YOGA STRAPS: A wider yoga strap promotes correct alignment, and deeper leg stretches. The Wellrox heavy-duty yoga belt is significantly wider to provide the added support you need.

● DESIGNED WITH SUPERIOR GRIP: The hold and grip of this yoga strap are unparalleled! You can focus on stretching, rehabilitation, and recovery without worry with this high-quality non-slip belt.

● IMPROVE STRENGTH AND ENDURANCE: This yoga strap is designed to help extend your reach and improve flexibility. With this yoga prop, you can grasp otherwise unreachable limbs like your toes.

● VERSATILE EXERCISE ACCESSORY: Whether you need this prop for yoga, physical therapy, pilates, exercise, or dance, Wellrox’s handmade strap is designed to support men and women of all skill levels.

The Wellrox yoga strap is fantastic for extended hand to big toe, dancer pose, shoulder stretch, seated forward bend, and more! This yoga strap features extra-wide and durable 100% cotton material.

If you are ready to increase your strength and endurance, this yoga strap will help you
accomplish your goals. It’s an excellent tool for improved form, posture, and deeper poses. Take your practice to the next level with this premium yoga tool!


1 x Wellrox Grey or Navy Yoga Strap
Size: 4.2 cm. x 2.5 meters
Material: 100% Cotton With Metal Strap


Wellrox is not responsible for any injury or damage claims resulting from or connected to the use of any Wellrox product. Improper use of products may cause risk or injury. It is critical to receive clearance from your physician before beginning a new exercise regimen.