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Cork Yoga Block

When you invest in a Wellrox yoga block, you are guaranteed to get the best of both worlds, environmentally friendly materials, and advanced functionality!


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● MUST-HAVE FOR ALL YOGIS: Are you ready to take your practice to the next level? Beginner and advanced yoga enthusiasts benefit from introducing a yoga block into their daily stretching routine.

● DESIGNED FOR SECURITY AND SUPPORT: Your whole body will feel supported when using this easy-grip cork yoga block. Cork offers an improved level of firmness that you cannot find in foam yoga blocks.

● SAFE AND EFFECTIVE YOGA ACCESSORY: This yoga block features rounded edges for comfort, support, and grip. The textured surface helps you comfortably and safely improve posture and relieve tension.

● PREMIUM ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL: Cork is sustainable, lightweight, portable, and non-toxic! What more could you ask for in a yoga accessory? This yoga block is perfect for eco-conscious yogis!

● BALANCES THE ENTIRE BODY: This durable Wellrox cork yoga block will help you maintain proper alignment, deepen stretches, reduce injury risk, relieve muscle tension, and improve your posture.

The Wellrox yoga block is a simple and effective tool for improving your yoga practice. Use it to achieve proper alignment and deepen your stretches by providing additional support. This yoga accessory is also great for meditation, pilates, or exercise while traveling!

This yoga block is made of premium, sustainable cork material that gives you the firm support you need to achieve your poses. Great for beginners and advanced practitioners alike, the soft yet sturdy feel of Wellrox’s yoga block will help you improve your balance and alignment while relieving pressure on your joints.


1 x Wellrox Yoga Block
Size: 4” x 6” x 9”
Net Weight: 3 lbs.
Material: Cork


Wellrox is not responsible for any injury or damage claims resulting from or connected to the
use of any Wellrox product. Improper use of products may cause risk or injury. It is critical to
receive clearance from your physician before beginning a new exercise regimen.