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What some of our customers are saying…

Finally I'm able to wear my Wellrox sandals that I was lucky enough to win at the Woman's Lifestyle Show in London! I love them! I've been wearing them for the past 2 days around the house, out walking my dog, just the normal activities. There is no sign of a blister that is usually the result of wearing new shoes. I have had plantar fasciitis in the past so I have to be very careful of the sandals that I wear - these are great for me. The strap in the back holds my foot securely so I have no hint of that pain. Good comfort, good support! Thanks again!

G. Davis,

Glencoe, Ontario

I am a Yoga Teacher who prefers bare feet to shoes most of the time. I bought my Wellrox just before I left for Costa Rica and wore them on the plane & everyday I was there - I didn't use any other shoes I had taken with me. The Wellrox were extremely comfortable, versatile, and worked in the various terrain of Costa Rica. They also separated my toes and gave me a stable foot bed that felt supportive and flexible. I highly recommend them for anyone wanting comfort and 'foot & toe friendly' shoes.

B. Dowell,

Pt. Stanley, Ontario

I have Morton's Nueroma and wearing your sandals help my condition and leave my toes pain free. As I live in England the weather in winter makes it too cold to wear the 3 pairs of Wellrox sandals I own, although I wear them indoors with 5 toed socks. Thank you for making these fantastic sandals.

S. Hammant,

My RMT introduced me to Wellrox and explained why separating the toes were beneficial. I opted to purchase a pair and give them a try. Not normally liking things between my toes concerned me but those concerns were soon alleviated. The comfort straps that go between the toes adjusted nicely to my feet. I have had phlebitis in my left leg several times and knee issues with the same leg from sports injuries. I was amazed how quickly I felt relief in my ankles, knees and hips. Thank You Wellrox.

Joy Dawdy,

St Thomas, Ontario

Through years of abuse from practicing ballet, ridiculously (but really pretty) high heels, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis and the inevitable age factor, my poor little size 6's have developed more problems than they have toes. The Wellrox design has helped improve my posture and balance and allowed me to enjoy the simple pleasures of walking again. They offer a comfortable, soft landing and great support. I am now the proud owner of five pairs in a variety of fashionable colours. I have traded in my crazy heels of my youth and happily strolling through life in my newly discovered best friends. "With age comes wisdom". Thank you Wellrox.

P.A.Caulfield ,


I am a sixty-three year old woman with small feet of differing sizes and many serious toe problems. To deal with this, I have had to wear custom made orthopedic inserts and shoes. In May 2014, I began looking into toe sandals and quickly found Wellrox. After speaking extensively with a representative, I purchased a pair and have been wearing them every day since. They've greatly reduced the pain in my feet and I especially like the alignment feature, separating and correcting my toes comfortably and providing a better balance. I highly recommend these fantastic sandals to anyone with any sort of serious foot or toe pain.

Janet M. Coren,

Williamsburg, VA

Wellrox - a whole new meaning to “If the shoe fits, wear it." Now that I have my Wellrox®, a basketful of assorted orthotics and inserts sit unused in unsuccessful attempts to aid discomfort. After years of exposing my feet to improper footwear and care (heels, many jobs requiring me to be on my feet), I was diagnosed with flat feet (fallen arches) and slight bunions later in life. When I was introduced to Wellrox, I figured I had nothing to lose. Constantly on my feet as a child and youth care professional, a pair of cute turquoise Chloes became my winter at-home comfort slip-ons. Alleviating foot pain wasn’t the only difference. By spring my pinky toes were straightening and bunions diminishing. And as summer approached, incredibly a slight arch was beginning to form. Both indoor and outdoor, Wellrox has become my shoe for all seasons.

Mary Anne,

Toronto, Ontario